Art week for teens

For who ?

École d’art Salamandre Art School and the Pique-Pique studio are offering an intensive left brain / right brain Art Week this summer, for teenagers aged 12 to 16 years old who are passionate about drawing and visual arts. If you like to learn new drawing techniques and exploring spontaneously with various mediums, this camp is for you!

Who are the mentors?

Elisabeth Voyer (École d’art Salamandre) has been teaching arts for over 10 years. She specializes in realistic drawing. She will share techniques to improve your skills in observational, perspective and portrait drawings.


Elyse Robertson (Pique-Pique studio) is a certified teacher in Ontario and teaches art and community pedagogy in schools. She specializes in curating creative contexts and art discovery experiences.  With over 15 years experience in education, she has witnessed the immense value of art as a way to prepare for higher creative thinking and artistic practice.

Our Approach

This camp is aimed to develop and nourish the potential of every participant’s left and right brain in art. Participants will do art projects and exercises, preparing them for learning and acquiring new and advanced drawing skills.  Elyse’s workshops will be carefully chosen to help develop the right side of the brain, using more spontaneous process and being in the moment of the creative process. Participants will try to many different mediums including some mixed media. Élisabeth will develop the participant’s left side of the brain in art by teaching many different drawing techniques. In her workshops, participants will learn observational drawing, perspective and portrait drawing.

Typical day (9 AM - 4 PM)

  • Drawing exercises

  • Break

  • Drawing workshop

  • Lunch (park)

  • Drawing workshop

  • Lunch

  • Creative workshop

*Fridays: Exhibit of the creative projects for family and friends.


Where ?

The Art Week will take place in space of La petite école des mon quartier, situated at 584, Wilfrid-Lavigne blvd. in Aylmer.  The space is full of natural light and has air-conditioning perfect for nice hot summer days.  If the weather is nice, we have access to a public park where we can do picnic and take are breaks as well as do some observational exercises.


$ 380 all art supplies included

$20 off for a second child


*Registration before June 5th 2020.

Max 15 participants.


Elyse Robertson / 819.598.5682

Tel: 819.598.5682