Our studio

Pique-Pique is a small art discovery studio located in Aylmer (Gatineau, Québec), that offers an inspiring space and art workshops to pique the curiosity and creativity of children age 0 to 10 and their adults. Pique-Pique also offers art discovery classes open to all ages, for those who want to explore their interest for art-making before registering in a formal art class, or also for those who just want to simply make art.   


The studio

Pique-Pique is a space that triggers our natural curiosity with loads of art materials, interesting recycled objects, discovery installations of various objects, books, music etc. 

Workshops + Approach

Pique-Pique offers workshops guided by an atelierista (an educator, like an art materials barista) who will greet you for a moment of creative discoveries. Inspired by the Emilia Reggio approach, the atelierista will have prepared the studio with various creative prompts offered through guided or open programs.  The atelierista also takes care of cleaning up the mess! Pique-Pique is not really interested in the end-product but rather in everything that happens while doing art. This approach, called process art, values art in its process, and not in the result. Intentions, choice, preference, decisions, affirmation ,changes, trials, experiments, mixing, being proud, collaboration, open-mindedness, sharing...



At the Pique-Pique studio, we honor the creative impulse and imagination of children. Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pique-Pique is dedicated to preserving and nourishing children’s creativity and for the adults, to rekindle with their childhood creativity.  

Élyse Robertson, atelierista + owner

I am a certified teacher in Ontario (OAE) and I’m passionate by art as a terrain for

discovery, identity, freedom and community for children. I have worked for the

Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario as a kindergarten teacher in a

play-based learning program as well as an elementary school teacher. I have also

worked as a leader in community learning, a position that aimed to develop a

healthy community to support children’s learning for at-risk children, in

collaboration with the Vanier Social Pediatrics Hub. I also coordinated a recycled

art camp for Haïtian immigrants in Dominican Republic, in 2006 and 2008. 

Art has always been part of my life. With my mom who is an artist, I spent many

hours in the slides of the Art Department of Ottawa University or in studios across

the region, playing around with scraps and my Mom’s art materials. Throughout the years, I followed various training, as part of my teaching job, at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts, and I also completed my diploma at the Centre d’excellence artistique De La Salle which really piqued my interest for further art discoveries. I am very comfortable exploring with the ingredients of art and I have seen the benefits for children and their adults. In my opinion, all the actions that happen while making art, prepare and develop our brain (and soul!) for other forms of creativity, openness and authenticity, essential qualities in the context in which we live.

After almost 15 years of experience in education, I have witnessed the immense value of art. My work experience with vulnerable children, children with special needs or with mental health challenges, have confirmed for me that art is the most appropriate tool of communication and expression for children, and also a space to chill-out in a highly demanding context for children and their families. 

In my work environment and everywhere I meet adults, they tell me how much they are uncomfortable with exploration, using different materials, trying new ways, creating new things, all the opposite of our children who are so curious. As if creativity is reserved to artists (imagine that stereotype image of an artist)... I often hear “I’m not artistic, so I can’t do that” or “I failed art class when I was at school” or “I still draw stick-people!”. What happened!?

If we want our children to become creative and happy citizens, we have the responsibility to offer them stimulating contexts and we must embrace (children and adults) art as a tool to unlock all its benefits.

Tel: 819.598.5682